Stryfeduino – Part 2 – It’s alive

Let’s be honest, the last part was only a warm up – now it’s time for some fun. Integrate an Arduino, a servo motor, an ENC28 ethernet interface and some more electronics into the Nerfgun, don’t forget to attach a WiFi nano router and make in controllable by a smartphone app.

Magic Mirror with Windows 10 IoT Core – The idea (1)

Oh yes you understand what i mean when i say that i have a long list with funky private projects. And all the projects only waiting to be developed but if you start with one you get a better and greater idea for a new project… and zappp your project list has one more entry.

Stryfeduino – Part 1 – More volts, more power

A few month ago at the office, a Nerf arms race began and a lot of coworkers sitting around me now own at least one Nerf gun and the office floor gets covered in darts from time to time (this might or might not be a little bit exaggerated).

We’re going international

I don’t really know why we started this blog in german, but at the time it sounded like a good idea. After seeing that more than 50% of our visitors are from outside germany it only seems logical to change our language to english.

Connect GHI LED7R to Raspberry Pi 2 with UWP

Hi folks, i had the idea to import my gadgeteer modules to let them work with the raspberry pi 2 and Windows 10 IoT Core. I want to start here with the led7r module from GHI Electronics.

434 MHZ Jammer

In this tutorial we want to demonstrate how easy it is to build a small 434 MHZ jammer. The goal is to build the jammer with the NTMF Framework. The jammer sends continuously a signal. While sending the signal continuously no other 434 MHZ transceiver can get a clear signal and can not be controlled.

LED on Raspberry Pi 2 with UWP

Hi folks, here is a rudiment small article about: “How can i use GPIO pins?” Ok for sure for experts its not so much interesting but for some starters it could be helpfull…

Use a standard GPIO as Interrupt

Hi there, during one of my last projects I faced the problem, that I needed several GPIO Pins that support interrupts. Sadly, the sockets of the Gadgeteer Boards each only provide one interrupt. This means to access five interrupt pins I would need to use five sockets – which is not acceptable.

Webserver with the NETMF

Hi there, today we will tackle the task to host a little web server on a micro controller that runs the .NET Microframework and expose some REST like endpoints.

Infrarot Fernbedienung mit dem .Net Micro Framework

Hi folks! Some years ago we had a speaker session at the adesso AG summit and this is the article from this session. The goal was to build a passend zum kommenden summIT der adesso AG hier der Artikel zum Vortrag. Ziel hierbei ist es mit Hilfe des .Net Micro Frameworks eine anlernbare Steuerung zu… Read More »