Stryfeduino – Part 1 – More volts, more power

By | 10. June 2016

Safety Third

Remove all screws and open the gun

Stryfe taken apart

Stryfe taken apart

Let’s get an overview of all the interesting parts on the wired side of the chassis.

Nerf Stryfe - Original wiring

Nerf Stryfe – Original wiring

You actually don’t have to do this, but it makes the rest simpler and it doesn’t make the gun unsafe in any way. But if you want just continue just scroll to Ramp it up.

Remove the safety switch from the ammo feeder (B) at the top of the gun. This thing really bugged me, during the first build. After installing the servos I wanted to find the perfect timings and angles to maximize the firing rate. During that process a lot of darts got stuck and I had to use the feeder window to get them out. I always forgot to close it afterwards because I wanted to take a look at it, while firing. So the decision was made to remove this safety switch.

I also removed the little board installed near the spring (C). To be honest I have no clue what it’s doing, but from the wiring I concluded it can override the DC motor and is probably also some kind of safety device.

After doing that, the green wire is lose and will no longer be needed, but you can use it for the upcoming connection work. Before we continue and add the auxiliary batteries I first checked that everything is still up and running with the help of a bread board.

Nerf Stryfe - Wiring after removing the switch and the board

Nerf Stryfe – Wiring after removing the switch and the board

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