Stryfeduino – Part 1 – More volts, more power

By | 10. June 2016


Now we can make the connections. First I tested everything again with the bread board.

  • A – Connect the black motor wire to the negative internal battery terminal
  • B – Connect the orange magazine switch wire with the negative auxiliary battery terminal and one of the outer switch terminals (so not the common one)
  • C – Connect the red cable of the motor to the common terminal of the switch
  • D – Connect the positive auxiliary battery terminal to the other outer switch terminal

HasbroNerfStryfePowerMod-(14)-Altered - edited

Pleased to see that it’s working I put the parts into their designated place and soldered the four connections labeled from A to D. The final result locked like this from the inside. Of course duct tape is used to secure the wires.

HasbroNerfStryfePowerMod (23) Cabling detail

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