Stryfeduino – Part 1 – More volts, more power

By | 10. June 2016


We are done! With the voltage mod the gun is optimized for two scenarios. The first one is obvious: If you wait until the motors have reached their maximum rpm the Nerf darts will of course have more kinetic energy. Exactly how much I’m will determine in a future article.

But the main reason for me is something different: The firing cadence! The motors will spin up much quicker to the original rpm, so you can hit the trigger much faster without darts getting stuck in the flywheels. With that in mind the 6 dart magazine that is originally bundled with the gun doesn’t make any sense anymore. The solution: A nice 25 dart barrel magazine. After playing around for a while and getting the timings right I was able to empty the 25 round drum magazine in about 8 seconds – around 3 darts per second.

Nerf Stryfewith drum magazine and voltage mod

Nerf Stryfewith drum magazine and voltage mod

In the next article of this series we will install the servos and an Arduino to control them. If you have any questions or further ideas, please leave a comment or send me a tweet.

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