Magic Mirror with Windows 10 IoT Core – The idea (1)

By | 20. June 2016

Oh yes you understand what i mean when i say that i have a long list with funky private projects. And all the projects only waiting to be developed but if you start with one you get a better and greater idea for a new project… and zappp your project list has one more entry.

And the same happend here… But after i read some great article about magic mirrors i thought.. damn… I want that too… Absolutely.


You know a magic mirror? If you now think about snow white your are close. But our magic mirror is much cooler!

Its an mirror that have in the back a display that gives you usefull information about your day like weather, news, traffic and much more.

Here are some similar projects:

Xonay Labs

All the projects are very cool and my intention is to pick up some great approaches from this projects and put them together with my ideas and build a magic mirror within the Windows 10 IoT platform in the next weeks.

Ok what stuff we need for this on start (this lists are the first ideas):

What we need:

  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • SD-Card
  • Power Supplys
  • Picture Frame
  • LED Monitor
  • Spy glass or mirror foil
  • Webcam
  • Speaker
  • Microphone
  • Lot of wires
  • Time

What we want to integrate:

  • Bing Maps
  • Cortana
  • Face API
  • Microsoft Flow
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

What could the magic mirror do for us:

  • Show the weather
  • Show the traffic
  • Tell me every day that i am looking great
  • Information about task/appointments for the (next) days
  • Recognize the user in front of the mirror
  • Twitter news
  • Facebook news
  • Date and time

Yes ok thats a lot of stuff we want to integrate but dont panic we start slow. Next time we will look how we can start to develope an UWP Application for it.

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