Stryfeduino – Part 2 – It’s alive

By | 8. July 2016


Alright every component is understood and tested, now the fun and messy part. Maybe you want to integrate one by one and keep everything nice and clean, but where’s the fun in that. I usually install every component at once, then I usually get worried because the cable mess totally confuses me and I make a final test run to make sure everything is fine.

Stryfeduino - RC - 54 - Wiring mess Stryfeduino - RC - 55 - Test final 2 Stryfeduino - RC - 56 - Test finalStryfeduino - RC - 57 - Circuit Complete

Before you now go on and solder everything together in its final configuration, keep in mind the numbering of the Digital Pins. In the single examples I sometimes used the same Digital Pin over a few experiments. Now for the final installment double check the final connection table. While testing my setup, which of course didn’t work the first time, I accidentally switched the Collector and Emitter of the Transistor. Luckily I realized that in time and a simple wire switch did the job.

Stryfeduino - RC - 58 - Trigger lock angled Stryfeduino - RC - 01 - Wiring complete angled Stryfeduino - RC - 60 - Wiring complete

After everything is integrated, we can close the chassis, or can we? Well we can’t, one last step is due before completing this part. The handle has some plastic parts that can’t close because of all the additional wires. Well just rip em out with the side cutter.

Stryfeduino - RC - 61 - Handle parts in the way Stryfeduino - RC - 62 - Handle parts removed

Allright now you can close it and the gun is ready for manual use and the programmable button which I used to… well shot. One hit will fire once, two pushed two darts etc.

On the next part we will adjust the code of the Arduino to accept network message to fire the darts and install the WiFi AccessPoint so that a smartphone can connect to the gun. Stay tuned and I promise the next part will be quicker 😉

Stryfeduino - RC - 64 - Final left Stryfeduino - RC - 65 - Final right

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